Renault Megane E-Tech electric Car Range/Power/Leasing 2024

Renault Megane E-Tech
Image source: Renault Website

Renault Megane E-Tech is a fully electric car with zero compromises is originated in Europe it is made in a smart way in which the in-car tech quality is much better than other alternative cars and its infotainment system is the best in its segment along with being quite spacious and comes with a Driving range of 280 miles on a single charge which goes to 0-60mph in just 7 seconds built-in with Google Assistant and all the things are just control by Voice, there you get Harmon Kardon hi-fi sound

Renault megane E-Tech

and inner-section is made of very soft material that’s why its feels comfortable and is perfect in every way

Driving Range and its Power

The driving range of Megane E-Tech fully electric depends on many factors such as charge level, speed, driving style, road type, weather conditions and no. of passengers in the car.

In the era of electric cars when we plan a trip, we would like to pay good attention to 2 things- the driving range and the charging option. With a combination of driving range and fast charging, if you have to cover a distance of 300 miles on a long straight highway then you drive 200 miles after you can do the remaining 100 miles and more by doing 30 minutes of fast charging.


Motors(H.P-Horse Power)

The Motor of 130 hp and 220 hp E-Tech fully electric powertrain is also available

Megane E-Tech Charging

With a 30-minute fast charge, you can go an additional 186 miles of driving range. Megane E-Tech fully electric and can be charged from any charger type like AC- up to 22kW, DC power- up to 130kW or using a 3-pin socket

Charging Point Type:–

Rapid Charger

130kW DC 350A) takes 0hr:36 to charge

Public Charger

22kW AC (3*32A) takes 1H:50min to charge

11kW AC (3*16A) takes 4H:10min to charge

Home Charger

7.4KW AC (32A) to charge 6h:01min to charge

Domestic Socket

2.3KW AC (10A) takes 19h:48min to charge

Dimensions and Weight

Length, height width, internal and external dimensions


Megane E-Tech has a length of 4200mm


Megane E-Tech has a height of 1505mm

Width of this Renault Megane E-Tech electric car

  • Inner Width

The inner width of the front seat row of the car is 1404mmand
The inner width of the back seat row of the car is 1378mm.
The inner width in the boot space section of the car is 1000mm.

  • Outer/Exterior Width

Excluding side mirrors car exterior width is 1768mm and including side mirrors car exterior width is 2055mm

Ground Clearance

Megane E-Tech has a ground clearance of 135mm

Rear window open up to

The rear door of the car opens up to 512 mm from its normal height of 1505 mm

Access to dashboard- Infotainment System Google Assistant Voice Control

Access to Dashboard

After installing and connecting ‘My Renault App’ on your mobile to this car you can monitor the Megane E-Tech electric Car’s Dashboard and all its features from afar.

Using this “charging station location and availability” feature, you can view or filter the charging location according to availability, charging type, socket type and price

You can track your car’s battery charge level/status or driving range through mobile from outside of your Megane E-Tech 100% electric car you can charge the Car immediately or after some time as you need.

If someone drives the Megane E-Tech electric car to somewhere, with the help of its built-in GPS, we can know where the Car is going and where it is stopping through ‘My Renault App’.

Voice Control Feature with Google Assistant

Initially, you have just to say ”Hey Google” or press the Voice control button on the steering and then Whenever you want, you can call or text your friends through Google Assistant voice control and get the direction you want to go, you can also set a reminder of the maximum speed and you can also change the temperature of the car without using your hands.

Favorite Apps already Present

YouTube, Spotify, Waze and many other favorite apps are already available in the Open R link of your Megane E-Tech fully electric Car. During Journey, you can listen to your favorite music, audiobooks watch/listen to podcasts, and use many other favorite Apps.

It has been said by ‘Renault’ that according to need in the future, more apps will be added to the electric car in addition to the 50Apps.

Here the update is done automatically so you do not need to update it manually

For downloading any app separately from Playstore, you will need an internet connection and this can be done by sharing your mobile data connection with Renault.

Navigation feature helps to be tension free about Battery Discharge

The Navigation System comes with a charging point location and based on battery charge level it suggests the optimized route by using Google, this feature is available from the techno version


(Display size)

12 inches of Centre Screens and 12.3 inches of one driver information display

Storage behind the Car

440L of boot space for your journey with lot of space

Safety and Security of Megane E-Tech

You can manage your vehicle remotely with the help of ‘my Renault App’

Up to 24 safety features are there in the Renault Megane E-Tech

Smart Rear view mirror available who take video from the back camera which is available only in iconic version

4 camera are there in this car which covers 360 degree visibility but it is available only in iconic version

Renault Megane E-Tech Colors

Glacier white

Midnight blue

flame red

Flame red

Ceramic grey

Shadow grey

Diamond black

Midnight blue with diamond black roof

Ceramic grey with diamond black roof

Shadow grey with diamond black roof

Glacier white with diamond black roof

Flame red with diamond black roof

It’s Version and Prices1000

EV60 iconic and techno version

Video of this Car

It’s alternatives Electric Car

Volkswagen ID.3

Cupra Born

MG Motor UK MG4

Megane E-Tech Leasing

Finance your Megane e-Tech 100% electric car

What’s make it different from other electric Car’s

Its tech infotainment system is very modern as compared to cars in its segment, it is more spacious along with it in the front mirror, there is a unique system that is directly connected to the car back camera which shows every moment happening behind the car on the front mirror, so even after placing luggage behind we see the backside view of the car


What’s the Charging time of Renault Megane e-Tech electric?

Charging time of Megane e-Tech fully depens on Charger Type, according to charger charging capacity it takes 0hr:36min, 1h:50min, 4h:10min, 6h:01min and 19h:48min to charge.

What is the Renault Megane e-Tech Price?

Cost lies between €45,488 to €53,598

What makes the Renault Megane E-Tech different from other electric cars?

The Renault Megane E-Tech stands out with its modern infotainment system, spacious interior, and unique smart rearview mirror that displays a video feed from the back camera.

What are some of the alternatives to the Renault Megane E-Tech?

Some of the alternatives to the Renault Megane E-Tech are Volkswagen ID.3, Cupra Born, and MG Motor UK MG4.

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