TEC-9 Gun: it’s Airsoft and Skins

TEC-9 Gun: Airsoft and Skins Details

Intertec’s TEC-9, TEC-DC9, KG-99, and AB-10 is a series of blowback operated-semi automatic pistols. They were made by Intertec, the American subsidiary of Swedish firearms manufacturer Interdynamic AB. The TEC-9’s most body was made mostly from molded or formed plastic pieces rather than from metal, and the tougher parts were made from punched (stamped) sheet … Read more

Mobile termination rate details- Avoid overcharged on Calls

Mobile Termination Rate

Have you ever wondered, why the need to call certain numbers increases and especially why international calls are so expensive? The simple answer lies in a concept called the (MTR) Mobile Termination Rate which we will understand better further What is a Mobile Termination Rate? If you call your friend on a different mobile network … Read more