Android 15 Screen Sharing Feature: The Unbreakable truth

Android 15

You must have noticed that whenever we install any app, it asks for call history, access to the gallery and many more things we accidentally show our screen during digital meetings or live streaming our Private photos and important passwords are seen by people or app developers, and due to this we have to face a lot of problems later. Keeping these things in mind, Android developers have brought such a technology in Android 15 which prevents our Private Photos, Important Password from leaking.

Android 14: Gives You More Control Over Notifications

Earlier in the Android 14 era, instead of giving the developer/phone user the option to block or non-block when taking screenshots or screen recording, Google came up with a way to notify apps that users are taking screenshots or recording. But in Android 15 (Developer Preview/DP)-2 Google added a similar API to detect screen recording. Both of these APIs help developers to decide what to do when a screenshot or screen recording occurs.

Android 14 has brought such a feature in its (QPR2) version due to which we can do a screen recording of only one app instead of recording the screen of our entire phone due to which sensitive notifications are not recorded suddenly during screen recording still, you may accidentally share something that you don’t want to share and sometimes you need to record the entire phone screen.

Android 15: Unveiling the Next Level of Privacy and Security Features

Keeping these important things in mind, Android 15 coming with a system that will help us prevent our important information from leaking during screen sharing and currently, the Android version 15 Beta 1.1 which is about to launch is not comes with the Function to prevent the leaking of crucial information shared during screen share

And after doing some research, we found out that there are some functions available in the Android 15 beta that very few people know about, and when we share our screen with other people this feature helps us to hide our private information from them, if any other people come to know about this then we may have to face a big problem, enable and disable Screen Share Protection is also available in Android 15, which is known only to most developers and very few people know to use this feature.

Android 15 brings ”Crucial information Protection” that prevents important information from being shared in screen sharing but this security is not included in the current beta version, hopefully after the next version/API update, apps built with various equipment will hide selected important data during screen sharing those we do not want to be shown publicly.

There are two types of settings available on Android, one which hides all the notifications during screen share and the 2nd setting which only hides sensitive data during screen share, but I have not understood yet why Android gives us both settings when by hiding all the data, sensitive data also gets automatically hidden and it is also worth thinking that while sharing the screen, how will the Android system understand which data is sensitive and which is non-sensitive? After much research, it has been found that sensitive content will be detected/viewed by a different Android method of intelligence.

As of now, no features are available to prevent the sharing of sensitive content while sharing screens in version 15 of Android, it is not completely clear yet whether Google will bring the feature of “Screen Share Protection” in the update of Android 15. So far by research, we have come to know that this new feature is not ready for the first version of Android 15 this feature will come in the next update or in the next (Android 15 Beta-2) version from this month or next month.

I hope Google will talk about these features in the developer conference which is going to be held this month, where the company will discuss the features of Android 15 and its upcoming changes.


How will Android 15 determine what information is sensitive?

This is not completely clear yet, although it is expected that there will be a combination of pre-defined sensitive data types and AI-powered detection within the Android system.

Does Android 15 currently prevent sensitive information leaks during screen sharing?

No, the feature is currently not available to prevent the sharing of sensitive content but is expected to come in the next update or (Android 15 DP-2) version

What is the potential of this “Crucial Information Protection” feature?

This feature aims to hide sensitive information such as passwords, notifications and other private data from being shared through screen sharing and prevents accidental leaks.

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